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Hello Princesses!

I uploded new video on YouTube!

and my site


could you check it out? 8(*^ ^*)8

Have a lovely day!

with love



too much BEAUTY?? TV-program

Hello Princesses!
How is life treating you this fine day?
I appeared on TV!This TV program named "Ikisugi beauty 3"

Ikisugi means..
too much! 8(*^ ^*)8
People think hina's pink room is too much pink.
a lot of funny & cute women appeared on this TV program.

I was not cute on TV..seems Kabuki..too much make up ><
oh boy.. (><)
but they are great memories for us.

Japanese comedian Akimasa Haraguchi came to our home.
He is so nice person!
next month,I'll appear on my favorite TV again!
like a dream!
how lucky!
I'll write about that TV program next time..
Spice up your life!
with love


Princess Wara from Germany in my PRINCESS room!

Hello Princesses!How is life treating you this shiny day?
Princess Wara from Germany visited to my princess room!! 8(*^ ^*)8
A famous TV program staff visited here too.We will appear on TV.
She is so cute!! more than pics!!
I was happy badly and we spent special sparkle shiny day.
She bought shoes which I decorated.
She chose [PINK * Black mix] one.

We have enjoyed pink world together!

If you have a chance to come to Japan,
then we will enjoy pink-princess world together!

Have a lovely day!



Jewel Box☆

Howz life treating you??
I made a jewel box today!

It became my favorite one!

and yesterday
me and my husband came to sea!

we had great lunch and spent great time!

Next week a princess come to here Fukuoka Japan!
She is from Germany!!wow!!!
she want shoes which I made.
we must have a amazing memories!!
Have a lovely day!