Thank you for everything 2009

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!!
with love



For Princessly winter

Hello Princesses!
I'll show new "ear muffs" to you!
I'm busy now but anyway I wanted to show them earlier!

See you soon!


For special Chiristmas!!

Hello Princesses!
How is life treating you?
I'll recommend this blog to you.
Tenkai-Japan -Cool Japan Guide-
I also write about Hime-DECO sometimes on that blog.

This month,
my younger sister and her husband will come to Japan from US.
her husband is an American and they live in AZ.

It will be great days..
check my Japanese blog also please!
Have a lovely weekend!
with love


hina in the Movie?? Tokyo Kawaii TV

Hi princeses!

Just watch this movie pleas...

Tokyo Kawaii TV

From 12:40

I was there (*^ ^*)

I was decorating some winter items!

take care・・

The winter hus com///




NEW! HIme-room & Rococo room

Hello! Princesses!How is life treating you?
I'm sorry I'm late...

I'm so busy now days..
I'll show my NEW pinkly Hime-room

& rococo-room.

and my new DECO stuff to you!

Check it out!!

Have a lovely day!

with love



Bye for now (*^ ^*)

Hello Princesses!
Howz life treating you?

Thank you for a lot of comments to me!

I'll move to new house! 8(*^ ^*)8.

so I cannot use internet few weeks..

on November,
Princess Wara from Germany who you know come to my pink room again!

We'll make a small guest room at new house.

you know,

If you'd like to watch my Japanese blog's pics then check this pic.

so you can watch my Japanese blog's pics easily!

go to Japanese blog -Hearty&Hearty-

bye for now..

Take care..

With LOVE+。:.゚(人〃∇〃)*+



New! Hime-style

Hello Princesses!(*^ ^*)

How is life treating you?

I'll move to new house on November!
like Southern Europe,

there are a lot of beautiful house!

their houses are not like typically Japanese style.

by the way,you know I'm 31 now.
so I wanna change my hair style to be more elegance!

I'd like to find the new Hime-style!
so could you tell me which hair style do you like?
this is my typically Hime-style..and ribon 8(*^ ^*)8

could you tell me which hair style do you like?




which hair style do you like? (*^ ^*)

Have a lovely day!

with love



Tokyo Kawaii TV -My Kawaii- マイカワ祭り!

Hello Princesses!!

how is life treating you??

I'm dietting now..
hungry~8(><)8 lol

I appeared on TV with Princess Wara and my husband..
I'll show those pics to you on this blog...

please watch them and have fun!!
with love

Princess Wara!! -first meet-

how cute 8(><)8

take care... 8(*^ ^*)8


Info-Tokyo Kawaii TV

Hello! Princesses!
How is life treating you??

Do you know Tokyo Kawaii TV??
It's famous TV program in Japan.
Maybe you are able to watch it at Korea , Thai ,China etc..
They research about Kawaii Japanese culture.
me and Wara (from Germany) appear on that TV 26th September.
The honor is more than I deserve..8(><)8
I'm soooooo happy I can't explain!

They are new Hearty&Hearty's item.

thank you for your comments everytime..
and I'm sorry I am not able to write some comments on your blog..
I'm reading your blog but I need a lot of time to read..
(by my English level)
I'll study English more!8(*^ ^*)8
cuz I'd love to write about Hime-Deco more!
thank you!
with love


NEW!! Hime-Deco and about Korea☆

Hello! Princesses!
How is life trreating you??

I came to Korea now days.
I bought some decoration stuff for my works.

people were taking my 8(*^ ^*)8
maybe they were interested in my fashion !

and I decorated new Kawaii stuff..
I wanna show it to you tonight!

Did you enjoy for them?? 8(*^ ^*)8
take care・・
sweet dreams....zzz
with love