What's that?

what is this?
take a guess・・♪♪


Hello Princesses!
How is life treating you this beautiful day?
I got this shoes.



and I have tried to decorate it.

I'll wear BETSEY JOHNSON's dress on design festa.

so I need princess shoes.
you like it??

Have a lovely day!
with love☆


My B/D

Hello! Princesses!
I reached one's ***th birthday 8(*^ ^*)8

my tummy hurts now..><
I ate cakes too much !

By the way,
I'll participate in this exhibition.

A big design exhibition.

I'll make a PRINCESS ROOM at there.
that's why I'm very busy now.

Come to Japan to see my room!(〃∇〃)

with love



Princess☆desk and chair

Hello Princesses!
Howz life treating you..?

I'm not able to decorate anything anymore today!><
This is a big dresser's desk and chair..
yeah..this pic don't have a mirror..
I'll show mirror to you one day also!
I'd love to sleep soon!(*^ ^*)


Mirror and Ring box

Hello! Princesses!
How are you doing?

now days I'm bit busy
.because of my works.
I'm decorating big one now!
I'm looking forward to show it to you someday!
8(*^ ^*)8


New !!

Hello Princesses!
I made 2 new decorated stuff.

☆a pouch and a scissors.☆

What plan do you have this weekend?
I'll go to shopping with my husband!

See you!
Have a lovely weekend!


Hi! Princesses。:.゚(〃∇〃)*+☆

how is life treating you this fine day?

I have uploaded my stuff video.
please click the links and watch!
there is 2 video.
Have a lovely weekend!



Heart chest

hi Princesses!
how is life treating you this warm spring day?
I sometimes decorate furnitures.
Before I have decorated this 2 chests.

Which one do you like?
Have a lovely day!


business card case

Hi princesses!
How is life treating you?
somehow I can't write comment..
I changed template.
maybe it was not good..
I'll study about this blog system!+。:.゚(〃∇〃)*+☆
I made a business card case today.I also have same one!
see you later!
with love


Princess wallet

Hi! Princesses!
I made a wallet today.

I made a lot of wallets before.

and I have 2 princess wallets also.

people are surprised when they found my wallet.

And then I feel happy to see their smile

Have a lovely day!



Hi! Princesses
I really love to make cushions!:.゚(〃∇〃)*+
this is my favorite one..
I think that HIME room needs a lot of cushion.
8(*^ ^*)8 Make up your HIME room 8(*^ ^*)8



hi Princesses!

howz life treating you this lovely night?

I'll show you my favorite stuff!This is a dresser..

Yeah, We need this.
HIME needs a dresser!

Very cute one.

so cute on the table also!

I wish they makes you happy!

Sweet dream.....


Hearty&Hearty web site
Hearty&Hearty Shopping site
Hearty&Hearty blog(Japanese)

I got it !!

My pink stuff was published on the magazine.


(I'm sorry..I'm not sure this sentence is correct in English.)

anyway,I'm so happy!!
cuz a lot of people can watch my pink stuff!

and a girl uploaded my stuff on YouTube!(thanks!!)

I wish they makes you happy!

with love


Hearty&Hearty web site
Hearty&Hearty Shopping site
Hearty&Hearty blog(Japanese)

Hello! started Blogger!

Hello Princesses!
somehow Yahoo blog360's internet connection is always not good.

so I was not able to write that blog anytime.

so I have moved!


I'll show my HIME fashion to you.
I made HIME hat and ring, necklace,earrings.and wearing "Jesus Diamante" fashion!

you know Dianamte??

It's a soooooo amazing HIME fashion brand!I love it!

Have a lovely day!
(official HP)